Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rhododendron Gardens, Howth Castle

Now is the time to come and visit the spectacular Rhododendron Gardens located at the back of the Deer Park Hotel. The origin of these gardens date back to around 1850 when the idea of a Rhododendron Garden was born. To achieve this, earth and peat were carried up the cliff face and put into holes in the rocky surface. The original plants were mainly the common purple rhododendron "Ponticum". The Howth collection is certainly the best general one in Ireland. The total number of named plants would be around 1,500 including species, crosses and hybrids plus a large number of un-named plants that now have flourished on the rocky slopes.

There are a number of really nice walks - along the lower path and undercliff walk for those who prefer not to climb the steep slopes and for those who are able for a considerable climb there are the routes up the Mountain walk and upper cliff.

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  1. Further south are the Rhododendron Gardens, and close to these a portal tomb. Fig. 4 Aerial photograph of Howth Castle and St. Mary's Church. diamonds